Vinyl Foundation Fees

The Vinyl Foundation contribution scheme has been established to meet the demands of the increasing volumes of mixed PVC recycling not covered by existing monostream systems. PVC producers currently contribute 70% of the costs based on the amount of PVC they manufacture.

The Vinyl Foundation takes care of managing the remaining 30% needed from PVC converters. The fees to participate in the programme are calculated based on a self-classification process done by the companies interested in joining the programme. 11 different categories have been identified depending on the number of tonnes processed each year.

The calculation to determine a company's category is based on the annual virgin PVC volume purchased in EU 28+Switzerland and Norway, including volumes purchased from compounders, minus export sales outside the EU 28+Switzerland and Norway. Rigid and flexible PVC are categorised separately. Flexible volumes are multiplied by 3,5 and added to the rigid contribution, if applicable.

Companies may submit their most recent purchased PVC volumes provided that they have been audited.

If you are interested in joining VinylPlus or would like to receive additional information please contact Mireia Boada,