Synergies between converters and the rest of the industry are key for the future of the PVC sector in Europe. The Vinyl Foundation has been set up to manage the funding that will enable VinylPlus to realise its full potential and to provide a more equitable system that recognises the complexity of PVC manufacturing.

Independence and accountability

The Vinyl Foundation is a non-profit making trust in charge of collecting funds from European PVC converters who want to be a part of VinylPlus. All information is handled in the strictest confidence. Even the Vinyl Foundation's trustees, themselves converters, will not have access to the individual company tonnage figures previously handled by KPMG.

This independent funding mechanism, established and managed by the converting industry, is good for the PVC industry and strengthens the converters' position as a key stakeholder in VinylPlus.

Vinyl Foundation Board

  • Karin Arz - Board member (ESWA)
  • Dirk Breitbach - Board member (Polymer-Chemie/compounder)
  • Joachim Eckstein -Board member (IVK-EPCOAT/ERPA)
  • Alexandre Dangis - Board member (EuPC)
  • Andreas Hartleif - Chairman (Veka/EPPA)
  • Maarten Roef - Board member (Wavin/TEPPFA)
  • Christian Vergeylen - Board member (Renolit/ESWA)
  • Remco Teulings - Board member (Tarkett/EPFLOOR)