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A. Kolckmann GmbH (Germany) 

Aliaxis Group (Belgium) 

Alphacan Srl (Italy)

Altro (UK)
Altro Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
aluplast Austria GmbH (Austria) 
aluplast GmbH (Germany)

Aluplast Italia Srl (Italy)

alwitra GmbH (Germany)
Amtico International (UK) 
A.P.A. S.p.A (Italy)

Ateco Srl

Beaulieu International Group (Belgium)

BM S.L. (Spain)

BMI Group (Germany)

Bonlex Europe Srl
BT Bautechnik Impex GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
BTH Fitting Kft. (Hungary)

BT Nyloplast GmBH (Germany)*
CF Kunststofprofielen (Netherlands)
Chieftain Fabrics (Ireland)
CIFRA (France) 

Copaco Screenweavers (Belgium)

Danosa (Spain)
Deceuninck Germany GmbH (Germany)

Deceuninck Ltd (UK)
Deceuninck NV (Belgium)
Deceuninck SAS (France)
Dekura GmbH (Germany)

Dow Belgium BV (Belgium)

Dyka BV (Netherlands) 
Dyka Plastics NV (Belgium) 
Dyka Polska Sp. z o.o. (Poland)

DYKA Réseaux SAS (France)*
Dyka SAS, former SOTRA-SEPEREF SAS (France)
Elbtal Plastics GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
Epwin Window Systems (UK)
Ergis SA (Poland)

Fatra a.s. (Czech Republic)

FDT FlachdachTechnologie GmbH (Germany)

FEB - Fachverband der Hersteller elastischer Bodenbeläge e.V. (Germany)

Finproject Spa (Italy)

Finstral AG (Italy) 
FIP (Italy) 

Forbo Flooring B.V (The Netherlands)

Forbo Flooring GmbH (Germany)

Forbo Novilon B.V.(The Netherlands)
Forbo Sarlino S.A.S. (France)
Forbo-Giubiasco SA (Switzerland)

Funke Kunststoff GmbH (Germany)

Funzionano AS (Norway)
Gealan Fenster-Systeme GmbH (Germany)

Georg Fischer Deka GmbH (Germany) 
Gerflor Mipolam GmbH (Germany) 
Gerflor SAS (France) 

Gerflor Spa (Italy)
Gerflor Tarare (France)
Gernord Ltd (Ireland)
Girpi (France)

Gislaved Folie AB (Sweden)
Griffine Industries (France)

Hamos GmbH (Germany)

Helioscreen (Belgium)

H-fasader AS (Norway)
Holland Colours NV (Netherlands)
Hundhausen Kunststofftechnik GmbH (Germany)

I.C.P. Spa (Italy

Imerys Talc Europe (France)

Industrias REHAU SA (Spain) 
Industrie Plastiche Lombarde (Italy)

Industrie Generali Spa (Italy)
Inoutic/Deceuninck Sp. z o.o. (Poland)
Internorm Bauelemente GmbH (Austria)

Inverplast Srl (Italy)

IVC BVBA (Belgium)

Jimten (Spain)

Kisuma Chemicals B.V. (The Netherlands)

KRONOS Internationl Inc. (Germany)

Kuro Kunststoffe GmbH (Germany)

Liveo Research (Germany)
Lubrizol Advanced Materials Europe BVBA (Belgium)

Manufacturas JBA (Spain)
Marley Deutschland (Germany) 
Marley Hungária (Hungary) 

Mehler Texnologies GmbH (Germany)
Mermet Sunscreen (France)

Michael Girstenbrei Recycling GmbH (Germany)*

MKF-Ergis GmbH (Germany)
MKF-Ergis Sp. z o.o. (Poland)
Molecor (Spain)
Mondorevive SpA (Italy)


Nicoll (France) 
Nicoll Italy (Italy)
Nordisk Wavin AS (Denmark) 
Norsk Wavin AS (Norway) 

Objectiflor Art und Design Belags GmbH (Germany)
Omya International AG (Switzerland)
Palram DPL Ltd. (England)

PCW GmbH (Germany)

Perlen Packaging (Switzerland)
Pipelife Austria (Austria) 
Pipelife Belgium NV (Belgium) 
Pipelife Czech s.r.o (Czech Republic) 
Pipelife Deutschland GmbH (Germany) 
Pipelife Eesti AS (Estonia) 
Pipelife Hungária Kft. (Hungary)
Pipelife Nederland BV (Netherlands) 
Pipelife Norge AS (Norway)
Pipelife Polska SA (Poland) 
Pipelife Sverige AB (Sweden) 
Poliplast (Poland) 
Poloplast GmbH & Co. KG (Austria) 
Polyflor (UK) 
Polymer-Chemie GmbH (Germany)
PreZero Kunststoffrecycling GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
profine GmbH - International profile Group (Germany)

Profine Italia Srl (Italy)

Project Floors GmbH (Germany)

Qi Sistemi  Srl (Italy)

Redi (Italy)
REHAU AG & Co (Germany) 
REHAU GmbH (Austria)
REHAU SA (France)

REHAU Spa (Italy)
REHAU Sp. z o.o. (Poland)

RENOLIT Belgium NV (Belgium)
RENOLIT Cramlington Ltd (UK) 
RENOLIT Hispania SA (Spain) 
RENOLIT Ibérica SA (Spain)
RENOLIT Milano Srl (Italy)
RENOLIT Nederland BV (Netherlands) 
RENOLIT Ondex SAS (France) 
RENOLIT SE (Germany)
Resysta International GmbH (Germany)

Riflex Film (Sweden)

Riuvert (Spain) 
Röchling Industrial Lahnstein SE & Co. KG (Germany)
Saint Clair Textiles (France)

Salamander Industrie Produkte GmbH (Germany)
Sattler PRO-TEX GmbH (Austria) 
Schüco Polymer Technologies KG (Germany)
Screenprotectors ((Spain)

Serge Ferrari SAS (France)

Sika Services AG (Switzerland) 
Sika Trocal GmbH (Germany) 
SIMONA AG (Germany)

Sioen Industrie (Belgium)
SKZ-Testing GmbH (Germany)
Soprema Srl (Italy)

Sovere Spa (Italy)

Stir Compounds Srl (Italy)

Stöckel GmbH (Germany)
Tarkett AB (Sweden) 
Tarkett France (France) 
Tarkett GDL SA (Luxembourg) 
Tarkett Holding GmbH (Germany) 
Tarkett Limited (UK) 
Teraplast SA (Romania)

TMG Automotive (Portugal)

Tpv Compound Spa (Italy)

Veka AG (Germany) 
Veka Ibérica (Spain) 
Veka Plc (UK) 
Veka Polska (Poland) 
Veka SAS (France) 
Verseidag-Indutex GmbH (Germany)

Vescom BV (Netherlands) 
Vinilchimica S.R.L (Italy)

Vi.Pa. Srl (Italy)

Vulcaflex SpA (Italy) 
Wavin Baltic (Lithuania) 
Wavin Belgium BV (Belgium) 
Wavin BV (Netherlands) 
Wavin France SAS (France) 
Wavin GmbH (Germany) 
Wavin Hungary (Hungary) 
Wavin Ireland Ltd (Ireland) 
Wavin Metalplast (Poland) 
Wavin Nederland BV (Netherlands) 
Wavin Plastics Ltd (UK)

Westlake Compounds Italy Srl (Italy)

Windmöller GmbH (Germany)

 PVC Converters contributing to the Vinyl Foundation

VinylPlus® Partner companies, whose contribution through the Vinyl Foundation has been confirmed, are listed on this page. The scrolling list below shows the names of all the companies contributing to the programme in alphabetical order.

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