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"VinylPlus® can be considered as a frontrunner for the circular economy."

Gwenole Cozigou

Director, Circular Economy, DG GROW,

European Commission

VSF 2015 - Cannes, 30 April 2015


VinylPlus 2030 is the next 10-year Commitment of the European PVC industry to Sustainable Development. With its renewed Commitment, VinylPlus aims to contribute proactively to addressing the global sustainability challenges and priorities. VinylPlus 2030 covers the EU-27 plus Norway, Switzerland and the UK.

Building upon a track record of 20+ years of progress and achievements, through VinylPlus 2030, the European PVC value chain commits to:

Within the next 10 years, the resin and additives producers, converters and recyclers of the PVC industry will actively work together and share responsibility for accelerating the transition of the European PVC value chain to a circular economy. We will act as a pacesetter in innovation, collaboration and communication, adhering to science-based principles to demonstrate that PVC is a material of choice for a sustainable society, thereby acting at the forefront of the circular economy and sustainable development in the plastics sector both in Europe and worldwide.

 The VinylPlus 2030 Commitment has been developed bottom-up through industry workshops and with an open process of stakeholder consultation. Three ‘pathways’ and 12 ‘action areas’ have been identified embracing the PVC value chain’s circularity, its advancement towards carbon neutrality, minimisation of the environmental footprint of the PVC production and products, and its engagement with stakeholders and global coalitions.

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