"VinylPlus® can be considered as a frontrunner for the circular economy."

Gwenole Cozigou

Director, Circular Economy, DG GROW,

European Commission

VSF 2015 - Cannes, 30 April 2015


VinylPlus® is the new ten-year Voluntary Commitment of the European PVC industry which builds upon the achievements of the Vinyl 2010 programme, taking the next important steps in tackling the sustainability challenges for PVC and also in establishing a long-term framework for the on-going sustainable development of the PVC value chain.The regional scope of the programme is the EU-28 plus Norway and Switzerland.

The VinylPlus® programme has been developed bottom up in industry workshops and with an open process of stakeholder dialogue, including the industry, NGOs, regulators, public representatives and users of PVC. Five key sustainable development challenges have been identified for PVC together with a set of working principles.The first four challenges are technical in nature whilst the fifth challenge addresses raising awareness and understanding of the importance of sustainable development. Each of the challenges is based on The Natural Step System Conditions for a Sustainable Society.

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