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 By becoming a contributor to the Vinyl Foundation, converters can take advantage of the benefits associated to VinylPlus®.

Social responsibility

The European Commission defines Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as "a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis." Corporate social responsibility is part of the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.


By becoming an official partner of VinylPlus®, you increase your company's CSR by supporting the content and principles of the VinylPlus® Voluntary Commitment, sharing data on the use of recyclates and other controlled-loop information, and contributing to the overall European PVC recycling through the financing of VinylPlus.

Business value

A VinylPlus® label for PVC products will allow customers and specifiers to better identify products, applications and solutions that contribute to sustainable development. Consumers, industry and procurement decision-makers will then have more transparent information to enable them to make smart and sustainable choices.

Market recognition

Being a partner of VinylPlus® means showing a positive attitude toward sustainable materials and contributing to the sustainable future of our products, industry and society.


You will receive an Official Membership Certificate stating that your company is committed to the contents and principles of the VinylPlus® Voluntary Commitment.


Membership Fees 


The Vinyl Foundation contribution scheme has been established to meet the demands of the increasing volumes of mixed PVC recycling not covered by existing monostream systems.


The fees to participate in the programme are calculated based on a self-classification process done by the companies interested in joining the programme. Eleven different categories have been identified depending on the number of tonnes processed each year.


The calculation to determine a company's category is based on the annual virgin PVC volume purchased in EU 28+ Switzerland and Norway, including volumes purchased from compounders, minus export sales outside the EU 28+ Switzerland and Norway. Rigid and flexible PVC are categorised separately. 

Interested in joining VinylPlus®? Contact us for more information!

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